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With data coverage on 3+ million apps worldwide, DecodeApps provides custom competitive market insights combined with publishers’ app store analytics data, all-in-one in an AT Internet dashboard. We provide the tools to easily empower your mobile strategy!


Main features and client benefits

  • Custom apps market intelligence data fully integrated with AT Internet
  • Custom competitive intelligence
  • Cross-Store Search & Watch
  • Top 200 Apps Trends
  • Appstore Search Optimization (A.S.O)
  • Mobile Consulting


Pre-requisites and technical set-up

  • To integrate DecodeApps data within your AT Internet dashboard, you need a subscription to AT Internet’s API, Data Explorer and dashboard modules
  • The latest version of AT Internet’s mobile SDK is recommended
  • App store editor data will be automatically retrieved using your own credentials or by inviting us as a new user with proper access rights
  • A custom competitive watch-list will be set up by our consultants and your admin user will have complete autonomy to manage and update it
  • To request activation contact 


About DecodeApps

Founded in 2010 by two start-up experts turned consultants, with more than 15 years of pure player experience, Decode Consulting is an innovative B2B software editor and a consulting firm specialized in mobile channels.

In 2011, while working on custom benchmarks and studies for our clients, we realized that the fantastic success of the mobile applications market was making its permanent watch compulsory, but that it was extremely complex and time consuming to do that manually!

DecodeApps now makes it simple, being the first app intelligence platform to search cross-store, benchmark and monitor the global apps markets the exact way YOU want!

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