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Our specialised expertise is at the service of our joint customers. With AT Connect, our two solutions integrate to offer you comprehensive analyses. In one click, get your results in your AT Internet solution. Beyond email KPIs, you can also consult additional behavioural indicators to refine targeting on your future email campaigns.



  • Ensure proper technical implementation of an email campaign from its launch.
  • Drive performance of email campaigns: acquisition costs, behavioural indicators.
  • Perfectly evaluate a campaign’s impact on the site: traffic, user interest, conversions, etc.
  • In your AT Internet interface, see your email campaign KPIs Emarsys in a fuller context.



  • Transparent implementation and integration for Emarsys and AT Internet users.
  • Automatically create campaigns in your AT Internet interface.
  • Import data measured by Emarsys in your AT Internet interface (sends, returns, clicks, opens).
  • Retrieve behavioural data according to your business needs.


About Emarsys

Founded in 2000, Emarsys is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in the world. We serve more than 1,200 clients in 140 countries. This includes industry leaders like eBay, ToysRUs, Yahoo 7, Sky, Volvo, AS. Watson Group, and World Shop Lufthansa. Emarsys provides actionable insights and automation built for ecommerce and retail marketers. Its platform integrates customer intelligence, personalisation, predictive recommendations and automation across channels.




We’re present on 4 continents, and our reach extends to 32 countries via our clients, subsidiaries and partners.