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Optimise ROI from your social media campaigns. Thanks to our integration with Hootsuite, you can adapt your communication strategies and optimise your ROI on social networks.



  • Ensure proper technical implementation with automatic campaign tagging.
  • Precisely measure campaign impact on traffic, user interest, conversions
  • Adjust and refine your communication strategy based on reliable digital data.
  • Compare performance of your “social media” activities with the rest of your traffic acquisition channels.



Automatic tagging of all links published with Hootsuite.  


About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social network management platform and an essential tool for data governance at companies of all sizes. The Hootsuite solution centres on a dashboard that enables users to manage social networks, programme messages, engage audiences and measure ROI. A Canadian company, Hootsuite was created in 2008 and today counts more than 13 million users around the world.


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