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Matelso’s call tracking is a leading solution in Europe. This solution makes it possible to link online and offline campaigns with customer calls by using dynamic numbers (DNI) and integrating this data into an analytics tool. The integration of call tracking data into the Analytics Suite 2 allows you to track and customise your communications with customers.



Matelso call tracking is the leading choice for call tracking in europe. Matelso call tracking fills the gap between online/offline campaigns and calls using dynamic number insertion (DNI) and pushes data to any analytic tool.

As a strongly marketing driven company, matelso knows exactly what customers need to perform better and maximises call conversion through measurable data. You can even see which campaign performs best and connect any campaign with call data. PBX functionalities complete the portfolio. Matelso serves global connected companies, agencies in any kind of industry, as well as the whole SMB market.


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