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Take advantage of the partnership that exists between Mazeberry Express and the AT Internet API to get more from your conversion data. Mazeberry Express measures the impact and profitability of different digital marketing actions adopted as part of any “multi-touch” strategy. The solution allows users to differentiate the different phases of the online purchase process including discovery, influence and finalisation. The variables are presented in user-friendly dashboards and are easily and directly accessed by all types of decision-makers including web analysts, traffic managers, marketing managers and senior management, to name but a few. Mazeberry Express, the multi-touch analytics platform, which does not require any additional implementations on your site, carries out a complete analysis of your digital marketing ROI. The solution is available in SaaS mode and in several different languages.  



  • Optimise investments to maximise profitability.
  • Identify the impact of each marketing acquisition action in your “multi-touch” strategy.
  • Benefit from the expertise of attribution in measuring digital marketing performance.



  • “Multi-touch”-specific performance variables: presence rate, exclusivity rate, contribution rate, etc.
  • Digital marketing performance variables: sales turnover, conversions, average shopping basket value, conversion rate, etc.
  • Many models of attribution for conversion and “multi-attribution” to measure the distribution of results.
  • Simple integration of online advertising expenses and automatic calculation of ROI, CPA and advertising rate for each digital marketing action.
  • Dashboards focusing on 3 areas:
  • An infographic which can be easily shared with senior management;
  • Reports developed for traffic managers and web analysts;
  • Actions aimed at department managers.


  About Mazeberry

Since 2011, Mazeberry is the data-driven solution of which marketing management teams dream. Mazeberry offers a “smart data” approach which helps advertisers make measured decisions about their advertising investments. Directly connected to data collection tools (CRM, DMP, web analytics, ad servers), the Mazeberry Solution is unique, as it permits the usage of data history thanks to a fine-grained analysis of multi-lever and cross-device journeys, and also offers attribution and contribution indicators. Equipped with an ultra-powerful algorithm for customer journey analysis, Mazeberry provides customisable dashboards in a streamlined interface. The benefits for advertisers? Optimised ROI, time savings, and greater productivity. The Mazeberry solution has already helped many marketing managers in Europe to reduce their marketing costs by 20% to 50%. Today, the company is a leader in France with more than 100 clients such as Corsair, 3Suisses, Jennyfer, MonAlbumPhoto, Sarenza, and Boursorama…


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