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Diagnose your site to improve your SEO! Cogniteev’s OnCrawl solution offers a range of features which let you audit your website and visualise the results directly in the Dashboards application from AT Internet. Diagnose your site in order to improve your SEO performance.


Main features and customer benefits

  • Verify the presence of your main meta data (titles, descriptions, and their length…) and easily check that there is no duplicate or similar content, in order to optimise your ranking.
  • Measure your load time and page weight in order to offer your visitors the best user experience possible.
  • Identify your error pages and optimise navigation on your website.
  • Improve your InRank score by analysing your internal links. This will help you understand the popularity of each page within your website.



OnCrawl is a powerful SEO crawler and log analyzer for enterprise SEO audits and daily monitoring. With over 400 customers in Europe, including the half of the TOP 20 French e-commerce websites, and in North America, OnCrawl helps e-commerce websites, SEO agencies and publishers improve their SEO performance, rankings and revenues. OnCrawl also combines your logs and crawl data to provide comprehensive analytics about the on-page SEO factors that have a positive or negative impact on your indexation and crawl budget. OnCrawl gives you detailed data and analysis you can act on. The team aims to democratize its tools, thanks to technological innovations, to let small but also bigger companies get access to the SEO data they need at affordable prices. 


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