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Reeport is a powerful reporting automation and data-visualization software-as-a-service. It was created by data analysts who think that every employee should be empowered to make data-informed decisions.
  • Reeport’s integration with AT Internet’s API allows you to fetch and re-use all the metrics, dimensions, and segments available in your AT Internet account.
  • The integration makes it possible to reconcile data for all your sites and apps tracked by AT Internet.
  • Lastly, the integration allows you to put some context around your AT Internet data by adding all your emailing, CRM, social networks, and ad-serving data right within Reeport.
Reeport can connect to and stream data from any of your databases’ APIs – no custom setup needed. Whether you want to build or view dashboards, Reeport does not require you to install anything. You may create multi-source widgets on your own with no SQL knowledge. Reeport makes your dashboards, reports, and KPIs readily available online or through well-adopted formats such as PDF, PPT, XLS, CSV, and email.

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