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CommandersAct mission is to make tag management more efficient for online companies by focusing on 3 key dimensions:


·       Simplify tag set-up

·       Increase the quality of implementation

·       Develop the business team’s agility


 Compatible with all of the tags available on the market, and with a library of pre-loaded tags from more than 90 solutions, CommandersAct is the ideal daily partner for any online marketing team. It now only takes a few minutes to launch a new solution, and the increase in the marketing team’s autonomy, as a result of remote tag management through the CommandersAct interface, means that they are in complete control of setting and meeting deadlines. Optimising site performance and the search for incremental revenue once again become the main goals. 




Commanders Act is a European company that helps digital teams to work better with data. This improves the efficiency of online marketing and advertising solutions and performance.

As a SaaS software editor, the Commanders Act makes it easy to take control of prospect and customer data. Through a global, comprehensive and effective approach, it enables its clients to manage their digital transition.

This will help achieve the objectives more quickly. Thanks to an optimization of data management, it increases the rational operation agility of teams, accelerates the speed of campaign execution, improves consumer experience, maximizes ROI, and finally allows a better understanding of the contribution of online campaigns to online and offline sales.


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