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What is display’s impact on conversions coming from organic sources? What true influence do your campaigns have on your site traffic?

With AT Connect, your web analytics and ad serving solutions integrate with full transparency for greater efficiency. Create targeted campaigns using web analytics data, and enrich your analytics reporting with a new performance indicator: post-impression measurement.



  • New analyses with post-impression measurements: See the impact of your WCM campaigns on other traffic sources (organic sources, search engine, sponsored links…).
  • Analyse the impact of display on sales: Identify ad campaigns to which customers were exposed before they placed an order, even if the campaign was not the direct source of the visit (available with the SalesTracker module).
  • Maximum automation: Automatic tagging of links in banners served by WCM, and automated creation of campaigns in your Analytics Suite interface.
  • No actions required on your part when implementing the integration of AT Internet’s and WCM’s solutions.


About Weborama

Weborama is an audience driven advertising platform which adapts perfectly to the new digital advertising ecosystem. Its original approach involves transforming raw data into marketing value by combining:

– Weborama Campaign Manager (WCM), a proprietary technological platform that creates and collects media and conversion data through the tracking of advertising campaigns. WCM also integrates trading desk features via its DSP module.

– Weborama Audience Manager (WAM), which enables the creation and management of granular and targeted marketing segments using first- and third-party data.

This combination makes Weborama’s offering unique in its market.

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