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Multi-channel analyticsInvestment strategies are not only influenced by the direct and indirect performance of online marketing levers, but also by consumer behaviour. ChannelOptimizer’s unique conversion attribution system allows users to identify the real contribution of their different marketing actions and to drive their multichannel strategy.

Thanks to concrete measurements and its unique attribution system, our multi-channel analytics tool ChannelOptimizer simplifies partner and affiliate management, and also highlights the importance associated with each of these channels.


Multichannel traffic attribution

  • Multichannel “Traffic” dashboards
  • An hourly traffic HeatMap
  • A unique attribution model
  • A custom focus on your main traffic sources
  • A detailed follow-up of marketing campaigns
  • Different marketing actions can be grouped together into one multichannel campaign

Learn more on our multi-channel attribution system ChannelOptimizer.

Key Benefits


  • Multichannel trackingImprove client acquisition
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Optimise traffic management budgets
  • Review costs of online advertising space
  • Monitor the performance of marketing campaigns with a view to improving them
  • Identify keywords which generate traffic
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