Digital analytics, reinvented

The Analytics Suite reinvents digital analytics by placing it at the heart of your business. Power your decisions with clean, reliable, GDPR-compliant data and valuable real-time insights for everyone in your company, no matter their job role.

Tag with flexibility & customise your implementations


Collecting reliable, relevant data starts with solid tagging and an implementation that fits your specific needs. Discover our easy-to-use tools for fast, flexible web and app tagging, and get on your way to more trustworthy data today.


Verify & boost data quality while saving time

Quality control

Something as crucial as quality control should be easy and painless. Now, it is: Audit, inspect, correct and enrich your tags and data in just a few clicks, with no tech skills needed.


Explore your data to find the right insights


Your data has a lot to say, but you must know how to listen. Our tools for exploratory analysis make it simple to dive into your data and identify key insights that will lead to new opportunities for your business.


Transform data into action & multiply its value


Make your data work harder for you. Mine it, export it and connect it with other digital data to activate and exponentially boost its value.


Share the power of data with those who need it most


If your data is trapped in silos, it’s no good to your organisation. Data must be distributed and shared to create value. Our tools make it easy for everyone to get the data they need, in a secure and controlled way.


Analytics Suite 2

In our customers’ words

Learn some of the digital challenges our customers are currently facing, and discover how AT Internet’s Analytics Suite 2 is helping them succeed. Our clients Total, BBC, Le Monde and KAIDEE share, in their own words, what they love most about our digital analytics solution.



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What sets us apart

Why AT Internet?

  • You're never alone!
    You're never alone!

    With AT Internet, you don’t just get a soulless digital analytics solution. Our analytics consultants will be with you at every step of the way.

  • Insights for everyone
    Insights for everyone

    We deliver the right data, in the right format, throughout your organisation: insights for everyone to drive your business forward.

  • Data you can trust
    Data you can trust

    Trustworthy data is a mandatory foundation for any analytics project you undertake. That’s why providing “data you can trust” is one of our guiding principles.