Agile tagging for sites and apps

Turn your data into decisions, faster, without sacrificing reliability. How? With our lighter, more powerful analytics tag designed for both websites and mobile applications. AT Internet’s SmartTag is simple to use, yet fully customisable and exhaustive in what it can measure. Get greater agility with your tagging, and more precision with your measurements.  


Easy analytics tagging


With SmartTag, implementing your analytics tagging is simple and rapid. Say goodbye to the days of long and painful implementations! Save precious time, thanks to an intuitive setup and clear documentation available for different programming languages. With the Tag Delivery Network, you can update your tag in just one click and deploy it everywhere — no help needed from your technical teams. Get technical support from our experts who are here to assist you.


SmartTag is built to respond to your needs – and not the other way around. Take full control of which information you measure, or create your own plugins for complete customisation! SmartTag is modular, so you decide which measurements to incorporate into your tag. The result? A lighter code for optimal site performance and better load time.


Explore our extensive and regularly updated libraries for web and mobile that integrate all the particularities of different platforms like JavaScript, Android, iOS (Swift, Objective-C), watchOS and tvOS.

Our Smart SDK is also available for quick and easy tagging of mobile applications.


Start making better decisions today. Get access to numerous analyses, such as application crash measurement, visitor tracking, offline browsing, performance review, and full app lifecycle data like retention analysis.


Join the community of SmartTag developers! Share your custom-made plugins and exchange with others to make your own tag even better. Find us on GitHub.



Tips for checking your analytics tags pre-launch!

Analytics tagging: develop the right habits before going live

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Combine power and simplicity to tag your sites and apps. Discover our lighter, more powerful analytics tag.

6 tips for speedier and more reliable digital analytics tagging

The implementation phase is a critical step in a web analytics project. It’s crucial to avoid taking any risks that might affect your data.



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What sets us apart

Why AT Internet?

  • Data you can trust
    Data you can trust

    Trustworthy data is a mandatory foundation for any analytics project you undertake. That’s why providing “data you can trust” is one of our guiding principles.

  • Insights for everyone
    Insights for everyone

    We deliver the right data, in the right format, throughout your organisation: insights for everyone to drive your business forward.

  • You're never alone!
    You're never alone!

    With AT Internet, you don’t just get a soulless digital analytics solution. Our analytics consultants will be with you at every step of the way.