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Applied Technologies Internet SAS (France) and its subsidiaries Applied Technologies Internet Ltd (UK), Applied Technologies Internet GmbH (Germany) and Applied Technologies Internet Spain SL (Spain) – hereafter AT Internet – undertake the legal declarations and formalities which are necessary for the use of personal data on a professional level so that the company can successfully carry out its professional activity. AT Internet and its subsidiaries also abide by the rules set out in the European Directive 95/46 dating from the 24th October 1995 which deals with the protection of personal data, and also adhere to the Directive 2002/58/CE dating from the 12th July 2002 which deals with private life and electronic communications and which was amended by the Directive 2009/136/CE dating from the 25th November 2009.

Privacy protection on AT Internet websites

It is possible to visit our websites without having to reveal any personal information about yourself. Only data which is related to the equipment you use to connect to our sites (cf. “Data collected by AT Internet”) is used by AT Internet for statistical purposes with the aim of improving editorial content and adapting it to the needs of our Internet users.

AT Internet may occasionally collect personal data such as log in, first name, surname, email address etc, whenever the Internet user provides such personal data when asking for information on the Contact page or logging on to their Customer account. The information that you accept to share with us allows us to respond to any request that you might have relating to our services and our company. Personal data is stored only for the period of time that it takes to create the function for which the data was obtained, and is used within the framework of our legal obligations. The personal data that is collected by AT Internet is not communicated to, nor is it passed on to any third party. The number of staff at AT Internet who has access to such data is restricted. The staff is informed of, and is aware of the fact that this data is extremely confidential.

No personal information will be gathered without your prior knowledge.

Measuring audience levels on customers websites

AT Internet provides a service of intangible nature which is known as Software as a Service, SaaS. The aim of this service is to measure the audience of Internet, intranet, mobile sites and mobile applications. AT Internet provides their customers with an IT solution via the Internet which enables them to collect statistical audience data  on online mediums that is then reproduced in an aggregated and anonymous format on a web interface that only the AT Internet customer has access to. With this data, AT Internet customers can then improve the ergonomics of their own sites, as well as improving the range and quality of the products and services that they have to offer. The use of SaaS has also been adopted by the general management and the marketing, editorial or technical teams of the different companies which use our products.

AT Internet reminds its customers that they must also carry out the required legal formalities and where applicable declare, with the relevant authorities, the fact that they are engaging in personal data processing concerning the data that is collected by AT Internet, and for which they are the proprietors.

Data collected by AT Internet

Whenever an Internet user visits a medium that is audited by one of AT Internet’s solutions, AT Internet will collect statistical data about the visit. This data provides information on an Internet user’s connection to a particular website, for example information that relates to the type of browser that is used, the number of page views, the exact path that an Internet user has taken on a site, the amount of time spent on a page, site, or information on the filling or abandonment of a shopping cart etc.

No primary personal information such as first name, surname, telephone number, email address, etc, is collected at our own initiative by any of the AT Internet solutions.

AT Internet collects two types of secondary personal data only (i.e data that can, in some cases, be used to identify a particular individual); the IP and the cookie.

Cookie and Unique Visitor:

A “cookie” is a text file which saves information relating to an Internet users browsing on the Internet. Cookies are controlled by the web browser of an Internet user’s computer.

As far as Internet users are concerned, “cookies” are the best method which can be used to customise the user’s browsing on the Internet. The use of cookies means that Internet users avoid being bombarded with the same advertising messages and questions on certain sites, and they also save time on other sites, especially on sites where it is necessary to enter a login or password.

As far as AT Internet is concerned “cookies” are used to carry out relevant and detailed statistical research. Thanks to the use of “cookies” it becomes possible to refine the analyses of JavaScript tags, and they also enable AT Internet customers to recognise visitors each time they visit their site (i.e. to find out that it is the same visitor without knowing who they are). These “cookies” store a unique alphanumeric ID only, relating to the device used by an Internet user I, and under no circumstances is this information used to collect nominative information on the visitors.

All of the results which are obtained are then compiled, and are completely anonymous. The results provide information on the browsing and behaviour of Internet users on the websites of AT Internet customers, information such as: the number of visitors, the number of visits, the number of page views and other information that is necessary for the effective measurement of Internet user interests. With these results it is then possible to improve the ergonomics and content of such websites.

Lastly, the AT Internet Service can use either the cookie known as “first party” (issued by the URL of the website tracked by AT Internet) or the cookie known as “third party” (issued by a URL belonging to AT Internet: or depending on the needs of our customer.

In both cases, the reason for using the cookie remains the same as the reasoning explained above and no personal data is collected via these cookies.

IP and geolocation:

During the data-collection and data-processing processes, AT Internet (just like any other company that exists in the fields of web analytics and web marketing) uses an Internet user’s IP address t for the only purpose of geolocating their device, in order to identify the location in which an Internet user connects to a particular website (level of precision: region or city in some countries). In order to ensure better privacy protection, AT Internet offers their customers the possibility of making the IP anonym: the last three digits of the IP are deleted immediately after collection and before any geolocation.

By default, anonymisation is applied to the IP addresses of Internet users visiting the websites of the customers of our German subsidiary AT Internet GmbH.

In order to protect personal data AT Internet only holds onto the IP address, which is encrypted, for a limited period of time (6 months). Under no circumstances is the data available on the Customer web interface, nor can it be accessed anywhere else in the company.

Geolocation of mobile devices:

AT Internet has developed a technology based on GPS coordinates shortened to two decimal places enabling the geolocation of mobile devices. Theses coordinates are converted into a graph representation (heatmap) and are not displayed in full on the Customer web interface.

The geolocation of mobile devices is also subject to a strict double opt-in. Geolocation can be deactivated either for the whole device or for each application. AT Internet customers who wish to use geolocation functionalities are committed to implementing this opt-in and respecting Internet users’ choices as well as their right to access, reply to and remove personal data that AT Internet solutions have collected about them.

Informing Internet users of the audience measurement service

AT Internet customers commit to informing Internet users who visit their sites of the existence of the data collection process that is carried out by AT Internet. Customers are also committed to informing such users of their access rights, right to reply, right to veto, as well as of the right to remove their personal data (IP addresses and Cookies).

For example, AT Internet customers can publish the following message on their site: “In order to provide our visitors with a better service, and thanks to the use of AT Internet solutions, we are measuring the number of page views, the number of visits, the different actions performed by visitors on our site, and the number of times visitors return to our site. If you do not wish to be audited on our site, please go to the following AT Internet web page that provides further information on respecting private data and follow the procedure that is available there”. In addition to this AT Internet customers can also include an opt-out via iframe on their own internet website.

Access rights, the right to reply and the right to remove data

Each Internet user who connects to the AT Internet websites or who connects to the website of an AT Internet customer  which use AT Internet solutions to measure their web audience has the right to access, reply to and remove personal data that AT Internet solutions have collected about them.

To exercise these rights, the Internet user is kindly invited to contact us:

  • by using the form available on the Contact page of our website;
  • by sending a letter to AT Internet:

France, UK, Spain: for the attention of the Legal Department, Parc d’Activité La Devèze, 8 impasse Rudolf Diesel, 33700 Mérignac, France.

Germany: when the website concerned is tracked by a customer of our subsidiary AT Internet GmbH, the Internet user can address their request directly to our Data Protection Officer in Germany, Ms. Jasmin Spengler, Schleißheimer Str. 4, 80333 Munich, Germany

Internet users can also exercise their rights by contacting their service provider, in other words the AT Internet customer whose site has been audited by AT Internet solutions.

Blocking “Cookies”

Internet users can control the “cookies” that are present on their computers. It is possible to read cookies, filter them, refuse them and also destroy them.

How can I destroy “cookie” files which are already installed on my computer?

  • Go to “My Computer” Open the Windows folder in the C:\ drive
  • Open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder
  • Select all files (CTRL A)
  • Select “delete”

How can I refuse or be alerted of the installation of “cookie” files ?

  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Security”, “Custom Level”, and in the drop-down menu go to “Cookies”, “Allow cookies that are stored on your computer”, then choose “Prompt” if you want to be alerted of any “cookies”, or “Disable” if you want to refuse all “cookies”;
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8: Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy” and then choose the level that you wish to apply;
  • For Firefox: Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy” and then deselect the “Accept cookies” box.
  • For Google Chrome: Go to “Customise and control Google Chrome”, “Settings”, “Privacy”, “content settings” and select “block third-party cookies and data”.

Opt-out option

The Opt-Out option allows you to block the collection of data from your visit to this website and on other websites which use AT Internet tracking solutions to collect web visit information (when collected by the proprietary cookie developed and maintained by AT Internet).

To enable the Opt-Out option you must first accept a cookie from the website, which generates an alphanumeric ID at random. This is to ensure that we can follow up and keep track of your Opt-Out request. If you do not accept this cookie or if you remove it later, we will not be able to follow up on your Opt-Out request and you will continue to receive AT Internet cookies.

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