The Maturity Model Social Media Marketing

A white paper by Mélanie Claisse & Jean-Marie Camiade

The Maturity Model Social Media Marketing

Social networks provide individuals and companies who want to develop their company’s vision and improve their brand awareness etc, with many different opportunities.

Nevertheless, social networks reveal obstacles which may not have been anticipated from the outset. These are obstacles which new users do not necessarily consider as they only think of the positive aspects of social networks such as the fact that they are free, easy to access and easy to use.

Perhaps you have also experienced a similar situation like many other people who have decided to climb on board the social network bandwagon. Today you want to know how you can manage the performance of your social media marketing, how to improve it and what methods can be used to do so.

Maturity models show the main stages of company’s evolution faced with a given problem. Factual and easy to understand, they provide a reliable and effective response to this type of question. They allow you to assess your current situation, to place your company in the scale of maturity and to work towards an improvement plan.

You may have also noticed that there is currently no reference model available in Social Media Marketing, which is not the case in Web Analytics.

To overcome this gap and to help you explore the world of social media, we have drawn up an original maturity model, which is both easy to access and easy to use.



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