Data Protection

GDPR compliance and privacy

As an independent, global digital analytics leader with European roots, protecting user data and respecting user privacy has long been a core value and guiding principle. Our Analytics Suite is fully compliant with the GDPR, and we are dedicated to setting the best example for our customers and industry peers, with the highest standards of data protection and privacy.


Our approach to data privacy

GDPR-compliant digital analytics

  • Full transparency
    We provide clients with a data processing agreement (DPA). Read more
  • Data stays in the EU
    We collect, process and store all personal data within the EU. Read more
  • Privacy experts
    We have an experienced DPO and Privacy Team who oversee matters of data protection and user privacy. Read more
  • Data ownership
    Customers always own their data. Read more
  • Data is not shared
    We never share your data with 3rd parties, unless you explicitly request it. Read more
  • A trusted player
    We have a close, long-standing relationship with France’s data protection authority (CNIL) & are TÜV certified since 2010. Read more
  • Built-in privacy
    Our technologies are developed with a Privacy by Design and by Default approach. Read more
  • Subject access requests
    We respond in a timely manner to requests from data subjects. Read more

Our privacy policy

What do we do with analytics data?

More than ever, we’re committed to respecting users’ privacy and promoting the fundamental values of data protection. That’s why we promise complete transparency on how we collect, process and use data, both on our websites and those of customers using our digital analytics solutions.


Get your analytics GDPR-ready

Is your analytics data GDPR-compliant?

Learn how to fully respect users’ privacy and rights while still making the most of your audience data.

Digital Analytics & GDPR – making sure you’re compliant

Here’s your all-inclusive rundown of the main aspects of the GDPR at the one-year mark – make sure your web analytics is compliant!

Further reading

Get more in-depth information about how AT Internet’s digital analytics solution is GDPR-compliant.



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