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How we protect our customers' data


AT Internet and data: Where passion meets experience

Data is the core of our work and our passion. For nearly 20 years, we’ve given our customers in-depth, reliable data while completely respecting user privacy. With two decades of experience, we know the importance and art of establishing the perfect balance between these two completely compatible goals.

We provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) allowing our customers to measure the audience of their Internet, intranet and mobile sites and mobile applications. Our solution collects statistical audience data on digital media that is then reproduced in an anonymous format in a web interface that our clients alone may access. This data enables our customers to improve the usability of their sites and apps, and improve the range and quality of their product and service offerings.  


How we measure our customers’ audience

AT Internet measures activity on our clients’ websites, mobile sites and applications using cookies associated with our URLs. (To learn more about cookies, please see the “All about cookies” section.) Our cookies comply with European Union data privacy laws, whose standards are among the highest in the world. By adhering to stringent European regulations, we offer our customers a reliable, transparent and secure alternative to many other digital analytics providers based outside of Europe.  


What we measure

Whenever an Internet user visits a medium audited by one of our solutions, AT Internet uses cookies to collect statistical data about that visit.

Examples of what we measure:

  • the type of browser used
  • the number of page views
  • the exact navigational path a visitor takes on the site
  • the amount of time spent on a page, or the entire site
  • shopping cart activity (items placed in cart, abandons, etc.)
  • IP addresses (processed so that personal identification is impossible)

What we don’t collect from visits:

  • Nominative personal information, like users’ names
  • Users’ contact information, like phone number or email address


Data processing, storage and sharing

We collect data on our proprietary servers in France. Data may be routed via a content delivery network (CDN) in order to improve data collection time and performance.

All collected data is then securely stored in our proprietary servers in France, and all processing is carried out in France, as well as in Europe, in some cases. We do not rely on any third parties to process our data. We work with a number of technological partners with whom we exchange data upon client request, in order to provide our customers with fully integrated data measurement options. These technological partners pledge to protect data with the same rigorous standards that we practice. Should customers choose to use an AT Internet® solution involving data exchange with one of our technical partners, they always maintain full ownership and control of all data we collect on their sites.  



Using IP address to geolocate visits from web and mobile
During data collection and processing, AT Internet tracks users’ IP addresses (as do the vast majority of digital analytics and marketing services). For mobile users, we collect the IP address depending on how the user’s mobile device accesses the Internet – either via a WiFi access point, or the nearest 3G/4G cell tower.

We use IP addresses solely to identify geographic locations of website and/or mobile visitors at a regional level (or in some countries, at the city level). AT Internet never links IP addresses with personally identifiable information.

To ensure better privacy protection, we offer customers the possibility of making their visitors’ IP addresses anonymous by truncating the last 3 digits (last octet) of the IP address immediately after collection, and before geolocation takes place.

By default, anonymisation and truncation is automatically applied to:

  • the IP addresses of Internet users visiting the web and/or mobile sites of our German subsidiary AT Internet GmbH’s customers
  • the IP addresses of Internet users visiting the web and/or mobile sites of our customers who have subscribed to the “cookie consent exemption” option offered by AT Internet SAS (France), in agreement with the CNIL (France’s data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés)

To protect data privacy, AT Internet only retains IP addresses for a maximum of 6 months.  


Using GPS to geolocate visits from mobile

AT Internet has developed a technology based on GPS coordinates shortened to two decimal degrees enabling the geolocation of mobile devices. These coordinates are converted into a graphic representation (heatmap); full details are never displayed on customers’ web interface.

Geolocation of mobile devices via GPS is also subject to a strict double opt-in: In order for us to track visitors using GPS, they must have enabled location services on their mobile device on a whole, and also enabled location services specifically for our customers’ applications. For customers wishing to use AT Internet’s GPS mobile geolocation functionalities, their application must include a geolocation opt-in option; they must also respect users’ choices, as well as their right to access, rectify and remove personal data collected about them.  


Compliance & certification

Applied Technologies Internet SAS (France), or AT Internet, and its subsidiaries:

  • AT Internet Ltd (UK)
  • Applied Technologies Internet GmbH (Germany)
  • Applied Technologies Internet Spain SL (Spain)
  • Applied Technologies Internet Brasil Consultoria em Tecnologia Digital Ltda (Brazil)
  • Applied Technologies Internet Singapore Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
  • Applied Technologies Internet Inc. (USA)

are compliant with the rules outlined in:

  tuv    TÜV Saarland – Germany TÜV Saarland, a renowned independent certification organisation, has awarded its TÜV certification to AT Internet GmbH (the German subsidiary of AT Internet). TÜV Saarland recognises that the data collection and processing procedures associated with AT Internet’s® solution conform to data protection and security standards.  


Best practices for your site

Are you an AT Internet customer?
Please remember, you must also carry out the required legal formalities, and declare (where applicable) with the relevant authorities that you engage in personal data processing, concerning the data that AT Internet collects, of which you are the proprietor.

European Union entities must comply with Directive 2009/136/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, commonly known as the “EU Cookie Law”. Under this directive, EU websites must obtain consent from visitors in order to store and access information (notably via cookies) on their desktop computers or mobile devices. In short, you must inform users of your cookies and data collection, and give them the choice to opt out.

Brazilian entities must comply with Law No. 12.965 (April 23, 2014), which establishes the principles, guarantees, rights and obligations for the use of Internet in Brazil (“Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet”).

Singaporean entities must comply with the Personal Data Protection & Privacy Policy Act 2012 (“PDPA”), which outlines organisations’ obligations to obtain consent, inform of purpose, and practice reason when collecting, using or disclosing personal data.

Depending on your country and how you use your digital analytics data, you may be legally obligated to inform your site visitors of:

  • the existence of cookies for data collection, carried out by AT Internet,
  • the existence of any other types of cookies,
  • their access rights, right to reply, and right to veto,
  • their right to opt-out,
  • their right to request that personal data be removed from your databases

As part of your commitment to respecting users’ Data Protection & Privacy Policy, you might consider, for example, publishing the following message on your site:

“In order to provide you with better service and improve the user experience on our site, we use an audience measurement solution that employs cookie technology. The collected data provides us only with anonymous traffic statistics (like number of page views, number of visits, and returning frequency). By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of audience measurement cookies.”

See our Data Protection Resources section for more details and best practices.  


User access rights

Any Internet user who browses a website that employs AT Internet’s audience measurement tools has the right to access, rectify and remove personal data that the website or AT Internet® solutions may have collected. To exercise these rights, we kindly invite users to contact us:

  • via email at;
  • by sending a letter to AT Internet at the following address

For all requests :

AT Internet
Attn: Nicolas Boudillon, Data Protection Officer
85 avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy
33700 Mérignac


Contact us

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