AT Internet unveils its 2014 innovations to its Digital Analytics solution

Press release - Bordeaux, June 18, 2014

AT Internet unveils its 2014 innovations to its Digital Analytics solution

AT Internet, major player in the field of Digital Analytics, announced today new features and functionalities to enrich Analyzer, its decision-making solution.

The French analytics group has focused its efforts on simplifying its analytics tools and enhancing the power of its technology. Among the standout innovations for 2014 are a new dashboard application (for creation and viewing), and a new-generation API offering more than 40 filtering, sorting and data treatment options.  


Spotlight on 2 key developments

  • New “Dashboarding” application

Unique in the market, this new tool responds to the needs of digital marketing professionals looking to create and/or consult decision-making dashboards based on KPIs and web metrics, all in just a few clicks. Accessible and intuitive for teams company-wide, this application makes graphic creation and data compilation surprisingly simple. It also offers advanced customisation options: types of data, cross-referencing and cross-segmentation, graphic libraries, colour palettes and more. The application provides a consolidated view of performance on multiple properties across devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop), on a single screen. The ability to share and view dashboards across screens is another advantage favouring real-time decision-making.

  • New-generation API

AT Internet has developed a new version of its RESTful API offering a smarter approach to data processing and analysis: consolidation, greater volume handling, scalability, and standardisation of formats. Digital analysts can now harness all the API’s potential using an updated version of Data Query featuring an optimised, redesigned interface. This API’s trademark is truly simplicity of use, married with rich data extraction capabilities to feed company information systems. In the era of big data, these export features let digital marketing experts tangibly explore digital data use beyond just analytics (for CRM, BI, targeting, and more).  


User Experience is a guiding priority

“Usability” is the key theme of these 2014 developments. Analytics reporting is now accessible via a unified homepage, where each analytics tool is available as an individual, standalone application. Furthermore, AT Internet has dedicated its development efforts to redesigning data exploration interfaces like Data Query, Segments and Custom Metrics. This is the first promising step toward the next phase, which will see the NX platform and the suite of AT Internet’s tools undergo major updates.

Cédric Ferreira, Director of Product Marketing, says: “These new developments for 2014 are perfectly aligned with our intention to create a seamless, simplified experience with our tools, without overlooking the performance of our technology, which remains one of our top priorities. More than ever, professionals in the digital sphere are seeking efficiency, no matter their role in the company. It’s with this in mind that we’re enriching our offering.

Customers will have access to all the new features starting June 30, 2014.


AT Internet Press Contact:

Bernard Segarra – – +33(0)



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