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Discover the latest developments in the Analytics Suite. Browse our product newsletters to get all details of the newest features added to the Dashboards app, the Reports app, Data Query and SmartTag … Check back often, as we’re constantly enriching our tools!

Analytics Suite new features for may 2019
Analytics Suite: new features for May 2019
Personalisation in the spotlight on Explorer!
Comparison periods and custom metrics are being introduced in Explorer. Many other new features are available this month: default site, new campaign branding, SSO, AT Connect Poool and Kameleoon.
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Analytics Suite updates April 2019
Analytics Suite: new features for April 2019
All standard metrics in Explorer, enhanced analysis scope in User Insights, Data Query export in AWS, Status Page and AT Connect Trustpilot
Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: all standard metrics are now available in all ‘core analytics’ analyses! ?? This new feature applies to both graphs and data tables. Push your analyses to the next level!
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Analytics Suite March 2019 updates
Analytics Suite: new features for March 2019
Data Science, Excel & API, Level 2s, AT Connect Adback...
Our Product team has a fantastic range of new features in store this month – data science, dashboards in Excel, even more level 2 sites, an Adback partnership, and alerts… Read on to find out more!
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Analytics Suite newest features - february 2019
Analytics Suite: new features for February 2019
PrestaShop plugin, detection of relative periods, Data Science...
To effectively manage your e-commerce site, you must be able to monitor product performance. If your boutique uses PrestaShop, head straight over to our marketplace to install the plugin that enables you to measure all your e-commerce activity.
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Sunburst Analytics Suite
Analytics Suite: new features for January 2019
User Insights & Navigation available to everyone, level 2 evolution, AT Connect Klipfolio...
We’re happy to announce that User Insights and Navigation are out of beta! These tools are now accessible to everyone in Explorer with data available from 1 January 2018.
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Dashboards : Newest Features – November 2018
3 major new features of Dashboards
New features in "Dashboards" ! These changes – which are visual for the most part – will make the Dashboards interface more streamlined and modern, helping it to integrate more naturally with the Analytics Suite 2:...
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Newest Features – November 2018
Explorer and Dashboards latest updates, anomaly detection and predictions, Sales Insights...
The latest updates to Explorer, machine learning, new e-commerce module, visitor-centric analyses, and data privacy features… Spotlight on the major new features unveiled at the Digital Analytics Forum 2018.
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Newest Features – October 2018
Sunburst, Custom Domain Data Collection, Status Page, Explorer, Data Flow & User Insights latest updates
View each step in your users’ navigation with the Sunburst chart: This type of visualisation quickly shows you which paths your users take when they arrive on your site.
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Analytics Suite Newest Features July 2018
Newest Features – July 2018
Sales Insights, Data Collection Portal, Explorer latest updates...
A comprehensive new e-commerce analysis module has joined the AS2 to help you drive your online shop’s performance: try the beta version right now and start optimising your conversions!
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Analytics Suite 2 April 2018 updates
Newest Features – April 2018
Navigation module, User Insights, Explorer e-commerce analyses, New configuration APIs
In just a few clicks, export the IDs of visitors you’ve analysed in User Insights. Target and then isolate these visitors for deeper analysis of your segment. Don’t yet have access to User Insights? Join our beta programme (and as a bonus, you’ll get to try the Navigation module in beta!).
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Les nouveautés de l'Analytics Suite 2 Décembre 2017
Newest Features – December 2017
Analytics Suite 2: Explorer, Tag Inspector, Tag Crawler, Marketplace, Watcher, User Insights, Explorer Mobile App
At the Digital Analytics Forum in November, we unveiled the beta version of the Analytics Suite 2! Discover all the new features we’ve designed to take your digital analytics experience to a new level:  explore and activate your data, share insights, and perform quality control. Sign in to your account now and take the guided tour!
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Decmber 2017: Explorer
Newest Features – September 2017
Data Manager, multi-sites data for Dashboards and new video tutorials
Data Manager lets you manage your AT Internet tags with full autonomy, on both websites and mobile apps. Give your analytics and marketing teams full control of tagging at all times.
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Newest feature, July 2017: Smart SDK for Android
Newest Features – July 2017
Smart SDK for Android, improved Support Centre, Data Quality infographic and Data Privacy
Smart SDK makes it simple and fast to tag your mobile apps. One line of code is all you need to get app analytics data directly in your Analytics Suite interface! Following our first version for iOS, released in 2016, this feature is now available for Android apps as well.
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Newest Features - Analytic Suite 2017
Newest Features – April 2017
Dashboards, Knowledge base, Analytics Suite webinar and attribution with Mazeberry.
Create and edit your dashboards even faster, thanks to new features allowing you to make multiple selections and move or delete multiple items at once. Double-click on items in data sets to add them to your interface in the blink of an eye. And find new templates in the dashboard template library designed to enable simpler, more efficient performance management.  
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Analytics Suite - Newest features
Newest Features – February 2017
Data Flow, Brightcove integration
We launched Data Flow just a few months ago, and it has already become central to many of your innovative big data projects. With Data Flow, you can extract massive volumes of analytics data collected and processed by our tools. In this issue, learn how this innovation can help you bring even more agility to your projects in 2017!
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Analytics Suite User Letter November 2016
Newest Features – November 2016
Smart SDK, In-Page Analytics browser extension, Data Query
AT Internet’s 2016 Digital Analytics Forum in Paris last month was a great occasion to announce a number of new features and innovations. Amongst them, Smart SDK piqued strong interest: our attendees were excited by the idea of transforming complex mobile app tagging into a simple (and even fun) process. In this newsletter, we outline the other main developments announced at the event, notably the browser extension which will make many of you quite happy!
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Analytics Suite new features
Newest Features – October 2016
Data Flow, Reports app, Dashboards app, partnership with SimilarWeb
While we all agree that data can only truly be useful when shared in a streamlined, efficient way, this remains a real organisational and technical challenge in practice. To help companies overcome this challenge, we’re constantly enriching our solutions, notably our Dashboards, Reports and Data Flow tools. In this newsletter, discover what’s new in the Analytics Suite, and learn about a brand new partnership which makes it possible to feed your dashboards with competitive analysis data…
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Analytics Suite new features
Newest Features – July 2016
App analytics, Dashboards application, Reports application, Access rights, Partenership
Just a few months following its launch, the App Analytics dashboard has already gotten a major feature update for richer behavioural analyses and greater ease-of-use. This dashboard is also part of a brand-new template library – read on to discover more.
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Data flow new features
Newest Features – May 2016
Data Flow, Reports Application, Dashboards Application
As we see more and more big data initiatives happening, it’s now clear that their success is heavily dependent on data quality. Since the very beginning, data quality has always been a priority for AT Internet, and today, we’re a trusted third party for digital analytics data for many companies. In this edition of our newsletter, discover how to feed your big data projects with reliable digital analytics data, thanks to our Data Flow API.
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Multi-device analytics
Newest Features – April 2016
To help you navigate through the challenges of today’s multi-device world, we’re constantly enriching our mobile app analytics offerings. In this edition, discover how to optimise traffic acquisition from stores and refine your engagement and retention strategies. Our latest developments also include improvements to the Dashboards application, which now features a new graph mode that has been highly requested from you, our users.
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Analytics Suite Newest Features - March 2016
Newest Features – March 2016
This second edition of our newsletter highlights a major theme in our latest Analytics Suite developments: data democratisation. The Dashboards app – one of our most used applications – is now fully optimised for mobile. We’ve also added new, enriching features like retention measurement, and we’ve extended the analysis period to 6 months! And, for all our Tableau Software users, we’ve been thinking of you – it’s now super simple to integrate your AT Internet…
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Analytics Suite Newest Features
Newest Features – January 2016
Here at AT Internet, 2016 is shaping up to be a real “grand cru”. With a host of innovative new feature releases planned, as well as AT Internet’s 20-year anniversary, the year ahead promises to be excellent. To mark the occasion, our newsletter has gotten a makeover and will now be published every 6 weeks – the same pace of our new feature launches. This first issue should be a delight for all of you…
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