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Google Data Studio is a free Data Visualization solution. With this tool you can gather data from different sources and create fully customized dashboards. Export your AT Internet data to Google Data Studio to benefit from comprehensive reports, easy to understand and share.


Advantages of the connector


This connector allows you to link your Internet AT Internet account to your Google Data Studio account. Thanks to this connector you benefit from all AT Internet’s analytical data (properties and metrics) to build your different Dashboards.


The activation of this connector is done in a few clicks. You must select the AT Internet connector in Google Data Studio and then enter your API Key.

  1. Benefit from AT Internet data: find all properties and metrics in Google Data Studio.
  2. Customize your Dashboards: whether you are an analyst or a business user, you keep control of your data by easily building custom Dashboards without technical knowledge.
  3. Create powerful visualizations: tables, graphs, curves, gauges, maps… Compose reports that are easy to read and use on any device (desktops, mobiles, tablets, TV screens).
  4. Share your analyses: say goodbye to manual reports and hello to automation by scheduling, at your own pace, the sharing of your Dashboards.


Available soon on your Data Studio.


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