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AT Connect Kamp’n allows you to optimise the performance of your marketing campaigns on social networks. The connector is based on 3 strong pillars:

·       Data from AT Internet for better campaign management on a daily basis and integration into Kamp’n dashboards

·       Automation of URL tracking thanks to dynamic generation of xtor with maximum granularity at the ad-level

·       Definition of performance rules based on AT Internet data (not just Facebook) for better optimisation




Kamp’n is a tool for managing and optimising Google and Facebook Ads campaigns. The tool addresses many issues by enabling advertisers to optimise the performance of their campaigns while saving time on management. Kamp’n’s main innovation is based on the adaptation of Data Driven Marketing to digital campaigns through connections to Marketing Partners’ APIs.

This connection allows advertisers to automate and contextualise their advertising campaigns from data. These data can be internal, such as product feeds, CRM data, or emailing, but also external with weather or sports results. The platform also centralises analytics data from third-party solutions such as AT Internet to provide a more accurate view of performance while automating URL tracking.


Kamp’n combines technology and expertise through 3 types of support:

·       Kamp’n Technology: license to use the tool to manage and optimise your ads.

·       Kamp’n Agency: management and optimisation of your advertising campaigns by Kamp’n experts.

·       Kamp’n Consulting: training in advertising campaign management.



Discover how the AT Connect Kamp’n allows you to link your Ads campaigns to your data from AT Internet and offers dynamic generation to automate your URL tracking in a few clicks.

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