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Calling all Publishers! Seize the full potential of working with Poool’s dynamic paywall and Analytics Suite 2!


Paywalls, which control access to content, are one of the main business models for publishers. Poool’s dynamic paywall provides each reader with a personalized experience based on their profile, or the content they are looking to consume. Poool allows you to embrace ‘test & learn logic’, which is well suited to the digital sector. Whether it is acquisition, engagement or monetization, your marketing teams will be able to easily manage content access rules and regain control of the paywall strategy.


There is no magic formula for the best paywall approach. However, experience has shown that by testing hypotheses, learning from your mistakes and constantly optimizing you’ll be able to find the optimal solution to meet your needs. We provide adapted data tools, which hugely facilitate decision-making in the test phase. It’s the ultimate way to combine the expertise of content access and analytics.


With the connection between Poool’s dynamic paywall and AT Internet’s Analytics Suite 2, you’ll benefit from its efficient and complete ecosystem:


1. Paywall displays, widget activations, unlocking articles… You can automatically find all the statistics specific to the use of the Poool paywall in Analytics Suite 2, and cross-reference them with all the data already collected by AT Internet!


2. With the “custom groups” feature offered by the Poool dashboard, you can implement specific unlocking scenarios based on the segments created in Analytics Suite 2! Benefit from precise and customised segmentation of your audience, and new user data such as the propensity to subscribe.


By offering the most relevant experiences to your audience and working on each lever, you can optimise your average revenue per user, whether it’s for subscriptions, advertising, unit payments, or data collection, etc. Thanks to the combined power of Poool’s dynamic paywall and Analytics Suite 2, you’ll be able to implement the best monetization strategies on the market!


About us

Poool was created in 2015 with the vision of facilitating access to content and the ways it can be funded. Its first product, a dynamic SAAS paywall solution, aimed to solve the challenges and frustrations surrounding access to content, whether it’s for readers blocked in the middle of reading articles, or for publishers looking to easily implement on-the-fly marketing tests. Poool already has more than 50 customers, including the all main French publishers. For more information, visit https://poool.tech



The AT Connect Poool allows you to track the performance of your various paywalls directly in the Analytics Suite 2. This connector helps you analyze your audience’s behavior and understand why they subscribe or pay to access your content. Develop a winning monetization strategy by segmenting your audience and customizing your paywalls.

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