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Newsletter - October 2016

While we all agree that data can only truly be useful when shared in a streamlined, efficient way, this remains a real organisational and technical challenge in practice.

To help companies overcome this challenge, we’re constantly enriching our solutions, notably our Dashboards, Reports and Data Flow tools. In this newsletter, discover what’s new in the Analytics Suite, and learn about a brand new partnership which makes it possible to feed your dashboards with competitive analysis data from your industry.

Data Flow: Make the most of your rich media data flows

Data Flow offers a new way to extract your AT Internet data and makes information available about each visit and each visitor. With our API’s ultra-fine level of detail, you can feed your BI or big data projects with reliable, highly granular data. In addition to traditional data about your sources, campaigns, clicks, ad display, etc., you can now also get complete information about video, audio, and podcast plays using the Data Flow API.

Reports app: greater productivity, Level 2s, UX

Explore new possibilities with your analytics thanks to Level 2 sites, now available in the Reports application. This new feature lets you examine a portion or all of your traffic, as well as user behaviour overall, or only on a particular section of your sites.


Boost your productivity with our latest enhancements designed to streamline the creation and sharing of reports, thereby simplifying your daily work. Just a few examples: We’ve created a set of shortcuts enabling you to easily add analyses to the menu, duplicate analyses, leave editing mode with just one click, and more. The objective of these enhancements is to help you create and share reports with even more speed. Discover these new features in the Report Manager!


New display options designed to improve graph readability are now available in the Reports app.

  • Line chart granularity now automatically adjusts according to the period being viewed. You may still adjust this granularity manually.
  • New display filters now also appear on line charts and bar charts, letting you hide or show minimum and maximum values, as well as display averages.


We’ve optimised the loading of your analyses in the Reports application. Thanks to the status bar, you’ll stay informed of the progress of your data calculations for complex requests that may require some wait time.

Moreover, the introduction of this new system means you no longer need to wait until the next day to consult custom analyses created in the Report Manager: these analyses are now immediately available in the Reports application.   

Dashboards app: optimised PDF exports

We’ve optimised the quality of your dashboard exports: Enjoy faster performance and better quality when generating exports, as well as the possibility to select text and search directly within your PDFs, so you can quickly find the data that matters to you.

New partnership with SimilarWeb

AT Internet has established a technical partnership with SimilarWeb in order to offer competitive benchmarking data directly within your Dashboards application.

SimilarWeb uses different technologies, such as panels, crawlers, and classification algorithms, enabling you to understand traffic trends for your 5 main competitors.  

Contact to request a free analysis of your industry, or a custom analysis of your site and your competitors’ sites.



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