Boosting growth from piloting to personalisation with a data-driven approach.



L’Équipe is France’s leading national daily sports newspaper. With a strong commitment of readers, the sports brand regularly breaks audience records hitting 2.8 million users per day (including 1.2 million users on applications) and 1.5 billion page views per month 

Page views on the Debriefs of the matches format
Push notification opening rate
Email opening rate
Picture of Romain Lhote fromL'Equipe Case study AT Internet
We have achieved huge progress and now our data-driven approach has become fully integrated within the marketing, product owners, editorial and IT teams.
Romain Lhote,
Data manager at L’Équipe
The Challenge

L’Équipe’s goal is to generate maximum engagement because its business model is based on paid subscriptions and display advertising. Digital analytics, a real decision-making tool, allows them to refine the content strategy and optimise the strategic pages of the site. They also activated data to personalise the content offer establishing user scoring, then used different activation methods for content recommendations, acquisition and loyalty building, etc.  


This data-driven approach has had a significant impact:  

     •  + 80% of page views on the Debriefs of the matches format 

     •  Push notification opening rate multiplied by 30 

     •  + 27% of email opening rate

By enabling the homepage of the L'Équipe site to be customised according to the interests of users for a particular sport, the possibilities and applications are unlimited.
Romain Lhote
Data manager at L’Équipe