Case study

Analytics success story: OXYBUL EVEIL ET JEUX

Oxybul éveil et jeux successfully exploits AT Internet data to launch increasingly efficient and effective retargeting campaigns.  

“We have more than tripled our results in terms of emails opened, responsiveness and conversion with “post-visit” emails.” Charlotte Legrand, e-CRM manager – Oxybul Eveil et Jeux



The company sent almost 2.2 million automated emails in 2012, in other words 5% of the total campaign volume. “Oxybul éveil et jeux’s” goal is to target its Internet users (prospects and customers) by sending targeted emails according to Internet behaviour observed on the site. The main types of email marketing programmes used include:

  • Reminder emails after shopping baskets have been abandoned?
  • Reminder emails after the site has been visited (‘Post visits’),
  • Emails to inform customers that products are back in stock.



The email sending programmes are completely automated, saving the company lots of time. This has allowed the marketing team to concentrate solely on monitoring campaign performance: emails sent, emails opened, clicks, orders etc.

Describing the results obtained, Charlotte Legrand, e-CRM manager, explains that: “the abandoner reminder emails is one of the best programmes in terms of performance.”

She goes on to say that: “Post-visit emails are very good programmes that have more than tripled our results compared to standard emails in terms of emails opened, responsiveness and conversion.”

In-depth targeting means that we can send very efficient and effective emails in relation to the user behaviour studied. “We respond completely to Internet users’ wishes by suggesting content that corresponds to how they browsed through our site only a few days earlier”.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the email marketing actions performed by the “Oxybul éveil et jeux” marketing department is the result of successfully connecting different internal tools with one another: emailer, AT Internet Digital analytics solution and the e-CRM.  




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