Revamping the website and increasing the group’s e-commerce conversions to boost sales of products and services to both businesses and individuals.  



The La Poste group covers France’s nationwide postal service, as well as press distribution and a range of banking services. Its digital audience includes 12 million unique visitors per month and represents around 10% of the total visitors to all French websites. 

Unique visitors/month to
Unique visitors/month to the online store
e-commerce activity on the site
The Challenge

La Poste wanted to implement a data democratisation strategy with a complete overhaul of its website. The aim was to provide ‘self-service analytics for each entity within the group and implement digital analytics as a systematic part of each project – meeting diverse business needs with concrete figures, analysis and in-depth research. 

The e-commerce branch of the group was aiming to manage and drive the online store activity, as well as optimise the cross-device customer journey. It also wanted to analyse the impact of television campaigns on digital platforms to see how TV commercials drive web traffic. 


By democratising data throughout the organisation, the group was able to manage sales performance management in alignment with data strategy far more efficiently. This led to a +12% increase of e-commerce activity on its site and meant that predictive models of turnover could be used in budgetary decision-making. It also carried out targeted actions to optimise UX on different features of the La Poste website and optimise its ‘drive to web’ strategy, thanks to analysis of the true impact of TV campaigns.